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Team India - T20 Cricket World Champions ending a 17-year wait.

Congratulations Team India. What a great moment. India are T20 world champions again, ending a 17-year wait. Proud moment for millions of Indians all over the world.

The grand finale in Barbados was electrifying, with Indian players in ecstasy and the field flooded by the jubilant dugout. The crowd roared, while South Africa faced heartbreak once more.

Virat Kohli Speaks -

"This was my last t20 World Cup, and this is what we wanted to achieve. One day you feel you can't get a run, then things happen. God is great, and I got the job done for the team on the day it mattered. Now or never, last T20 for India, wanted to make the most of it. Wanted to lift the cup, wanted to respect the situation rather than force it. This was an open secret, it's time for the next generation to take over, some amazing players will take the team forward and keep the flag waving high."

What a player he is 👏👏

Congratulations to all Indians 🏆🏆


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